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The So Simple Sight Words program has been used in homes and at schools in 27 different states since 2004. Now you can access this simple and life-changing program from ANYWHERE. This bundle includes all 90 sight word cheers, and will help children learn the sight words they need to know from Pre-K to 2nd Grade.

Volume 1 Cheers: and, away, can, come, did, do, find, for, go, he, here, little, look, my, not, on, one, play, said, see, the, two, where, you

Volume 2 Cheers: all, are, as, family, friend, happy, have, life, of, saw, she, there, they, this, want, was, went, what, who, with

Volume 3 Cheers: again, always, because, boy, does, every, from, girl, her, know, many, off, once, put, right, some, their, these, very, walk, were, when, why, would

Volume 4 Cheers: a lot, about, also, beautiful, done, during, eight, enough, favorite, laugh, listen, nice, only, other, people, says, sure, they're, though, through, used to, vacation

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