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happy boyBeginning to learn to read can be an exciting and fun-filled experience for children! It's important to build essential sight word reading skills as early as a child is ready. So Simple Sightwords teaches children essential sight words in a kid-friendly and success-oriented manner. By helping children build ownership of these words, children are guaranteed a feeling of enjoyment and success in the school setting. Beginning a child's school career with an "I CAN!" attitude is essential to future school endeavors. Using skills children already possess to prepare them for the rigors of the academic demands they will face only makes sense! ALL children can sing, make noise, and move! So Simple Sightwords instructs essential sight words using music, singing/cheering, and movement.

So Simple Sightwords school standards-based program consists of 4 teacher's manuals, 4 DVDs, and 77 word cards. The school program encompasses 170 days of instruction of 77 essential sight words, along with instruction of a number of state standards in reading, writing, and speaking. The program requires 15 minutes per day of class time or less, with minimal "prep" time.

So Simple Sightwords At-Home consists of 3 individual kits which can be purchased separately or as a unit. Each kit contains a DVD demonstrating "cheers" (unique music and movements for each sight word taught), a set of word and picture cards, a practice sentence book, and a book of practice stories. All books and cards reinforce the learning on the DVD in a fun, entertaining, success-friendly way.

These sight words were chosen to empower children through ownership of words to improve their reading and writing fluency and comprehension in a child-friendly, low-stress manner.

product shotThe DVD's are designed to teach children each essential sight word "cheer". Adding So Simple Sightwords to your academic program will be an investment in the success of your young readers for years to come. There is no better guarantee for scholastic success than the attitude of "I CAN!"-Patty So, M.S.